Flax (Linun Usitatissimum): is a cultivated plant grown throughout the world. The fiber is extracted from the stem of the plant and is spun into linen fabric and paper. Our bedding is made from grinding the stems. On average the yield is a length of stem between 1/8-1/2" which is filtered to remove any dust or small particles.


  • Highly Absorbent
  • ​Non-Combustable
  • Lower cost per Stall
  • Dust Free
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Comes packed in 42lbs Paper Bales
  • 21 Bales to a Pallet (882lbs Net)
  • ​42,000lbs Truckloads

Instalation of Flax Bedding and Stall Maintenance


  • 4-8x more Absorbent than Straw and Wood Shavings
  • Requires 70% less Bedding
  • Absorbs more Ammonia
  • Dry Footing in the Stall
  • Coats for Easy Removal
  • 70% Less Waste
  • Up to a 50% Cost Savings vs Other Bedding
  • Easier to Spread Due to it's Smaller Size
  • Reduces Allergenic Problems
  • Won't Damage the Lungs
  • Increases Worker Safety
  • ​Ph Neutral for composting and Adds Nitrogen
  • Breaks Down Rapidly
  • ​Reduced Freight Cost



       On average a 1,000lbs horse will defecate 4-13x per day producing about 31lbs of feces and 2.5 gallons of urine. This waste should be removed daily including the soiled bedding.

        When changing to Flax Shives Bedding, the stall should be throughly cleaned including the rubber matting (if be utilized). In an average 12x12' stall, spread 4-5 bales of Flax. Provide the horse with his/her normal feed source to prevent them from sampling the Flax. You will need 1-2 bales per week for maintenance as the stall is "picked".

Premium Flax Shives Bedding