Acrylic Fiber

A percision cut (.75"-1.5") fiber which is used in turf and arena sand footings and GGT type geotextiles. It will increase horizontal stability and absorbs up to 3% moisture. Uses may very. Shipped in 700lbs Net Weight Gaylor. FOB Eastern Seaboard North Carolina.

Post Industrial Carpet Blends

Carpet which has been recovered from The Carpet Mills and has no post consumer carpet content. Post Consumer may contain bacteria, animal waste and household chemicals which is why we avoid it. It is ground and the dust is removed. It contains varying amounts of Nylon, Polyester and Polypropylene fibers and may contain some of the ground backing. It is an economical fiber based footing component. For application, apply 3-4" or .5lbs per square foot. Shipped in 1,000lbs bales, two bales per pallet. FOB Ider, Alabama.


Crumb Rubber

Rubber which has been derived from shoe soles and is dust and metal free. It has a lower density than tire rubber (22lbs cubic foot vs 33lbs cubic foot for tire) and a lower durometer (softer), resulting in 50% material savings vs tire to the same cushioning. It does not contain any of the carcinogens found in tire rubber. For application, apply 3-4" in sand or combine with fiber products. Shipped in 1,000lbs net weight gaylords. FOB Auburn, NY.

Universal Blend

Our blend is primarily ground post industrial white Nylon fibers with some rubber backing. It does not contain any post consumer waste. This blend works well in a wide variety of sand types providing excellent cushion, stability and drainage. The Nylon is hydroscopic, it will absorb around 6-8% moisture which reduces the need for watering. Requires mechanical mixing during application( We recommend grooming equipment such as a Harley Rake or a Parma Groomer). For application, apply 3-4" or .5lbs per square foot. Shipped in 1,000lbs bales, 2 to a pallet. FOB Ider, Alabama.

Equestrian Footing Components